Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Annie Russo: Tenacity Born by J L Baumann ISBN: 978-1-941880-14-2

As all of our readers know, we don’t normally review fiction. The reason for this is that fiction can be very subjective and we often feel like we might provide spoilers.

The book Annie Russo: Tenacity Born by J L Baumann is a work of fiction and could possibly be called historical fiction since it is based around the time of the war in Vietnam.

This book is not like most of the “mind candy” fiction books that are out these days.  We live in a world of TLDR. Many young readers today will pick up a short book and say, “Too long, didn’t read.”  Well, this book is long and it isn’t mind candy. We feel that it is very much written in the style of Tolstoy.

The author uses many descriptive words to paint a word picture of events. It simply would not be the same if left to a word limit like so many of today’s authors use.

This is a book that is written in such a way as to paint a very vivid word picture that causes the reader to see, feel, and hear everything that the characters in the book do.

Baumann paints such a vivid mental picture of the scene in a fine dining establishment that has me still tasting the shrimp cocktail. Very few works today do that. I wish I had the money to buy shrimp cocktails for me and Suzanne.  The author made me hungry throughout the fine dining scene.

We do need to disclose that there are at least two incidents in the book where the characters use the Lord’s Name in vain.  Readers of our blogs expect us to tell them this and we would be shirking our duties if we did not tell them this.

This author is a craftsman that displays his craft on every page of the book.  If one can get through this book without going through every emotion that there is, they weren’t paying attention.

There is a very funny story in this book regarding a meeting with a nun and one of the professors working under her that is worth the total cost of the book just by itself.

We give Annie Russo all five stars and think any person who is a true bibliophile will love this book.  Yes, it is longer than most modern books. Just like a Mozart composition, it simply would not be the same if you cut any of it.  This will make a great Christmas present to any reader on your Christmas gift list. +


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